Your WHY is super important!

your why

Do you know why your WHY is EXTREMELY important?

Knowing your “why” is very important.
Some call it “purpose” others refer to their favorite radio station WIIFM (What’s In It For Me!). Others call it “meaning”.

Whatever you call it you know it’s your “why”.

What DO you call your “why’s”?

Without a “why” most things don’t have value, relevance, or importance. In our conversation why would freedom be important?

Think about the things you do now. What’s the “why” for those things?

  • Why do you work?
  • Why do you eat?
  • Why do you exercise?
  • Why do you not exercise?
  • Why do you read?
  • Why do you go out?

Think about it. The “why” of our actions is very important.
Without a “why” we are just doing and being.
Without purpose and meaning.

Take a moment right now and ask why you are reading this post?
(I hope it’s because deep down you’d like to have more freedom in your life and that’s something we share) 

How is this resonating with you? No need to wait until your done reading, post your AHA’s in the comments section below or if you’re reading this on social media, reply with your AHA.

In a recent post, I wrote about your WHY and alluded to your purpose.

I love how my musings flow into each other. Using today’s conversation I think my why for writing is not only as part of my content marketing strategy but also for the learning I get from putting my thoughts into words. Then, of course, it all relates to my BIG WHY of the freedom mission and my new program Free Time Bootcamp concept and program. To help other entrepreneurs be wildly successful and enjoy the freedom they seek.

Woohoo! BHAG WHY!

While living and working in Mexico, I did some volunteer work that really spoke to my “why”.
My values of fairness and equity direct me to my why’s as I helped feed the less advantaged in the Puerto Vallarta area.

What are your values and how do they get fulfilled in your world?

Getting in touch with your why’s will make the path to freedom a lot easier.
It will be your reason for creating freedom of time, money, location, etc.

Now that I’m more in touch why my WHY’s, I’m ready to get more freedom to be able to serve.
I promise you’ll feel the same way.

If you haven’t already, and even if you have, post a comment on the blog or in our Facebook community and let us know what you’re taking away from this post.

P.S This post is in honour of my dear friend Gio. He’ll know why.

12 thoughts on “Your WHY is super important!”

  1. Great blog post! Sometimes we lose our ‘why’ under all the busy work. My ‘why’ is empowering women to do more – be more to claim our power!

  2. I was told that you why is not the main ingredient to ask when coaching is that true ? And if not the most important then what is?

    1. Thanks, Jen. When I did my training oh so long ago, I was told NOT to use why. But I still did…and do. I think the most important thing to remember is that it is used as an open-ended question and it is in service of the client.

  3. Great point Garry!
    And even more important in a leadership team or any group with a goal ahead
    Without a common understanding of the purpose of the team and the goal, the different members will split up and go different ways.
    Coaching executive teams, I too often realize that the purpose of the team, it´s raison d´étre, or WHY, is neither known nor agreed upon by the members. “We are the bosses so we must be a high performing team”…right?”
    In addition to this – If you do not understand at least a few of the consequences of your actions , why take them then?. This last remark is quite often the reason for things not happening as fast as management wants. They missed to close the disconnection and disengagement gaps (ref Jim Haudan – “The art of Engagement”)
    I believe all organisations have to be purpose driven and my WHY is to make organisations, teams and individuals to find their purpose and create and co-create wonders from knowing it.

  4. My why is helping women who have been in bad relationships learn to move on. I want them to love themselves again or maybe even for the first time.

  5. My “why” is to get women understand that they are worthy therefore they must learn to say “No” without guilt, in order to have time to take care of themselves. That is the only way to get rid of “stress”, a world-wide epidemic which some women now to wear like a badge of honor.
    Jesus did not die on the cross for women
    to go around being stressed-out

  6. My why is understanding the new world we are currently living as as the pandemic has changed they way we live, work, socialize and try to weed out fact and fiction of this virus.
    This was a SUPER article Garry.

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