What’s the WHY that makes you cry?


It’s always interesting when I go through my week and the Universe sends me messages.

This week’s message was clearly about systems and habits and keeping business running.

Interestingly it was a riff off of last week’s post about “playing the long game”.

It started a few weeks back when Kim from my team suggested I read a book called “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. I’m particular about what books I accept and read and very few make the grade. For some reason, this one resonated.

I quickly ordered the book (I’m old school in that I like the actual book in my hands) and have been reading my way through with great joy.

One idea that really resonated was about your being vs. doing.

As you know from my other posts and my program, Freedom Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs, one of the main concepts of freedom is Mindset Freedom. 

This is a perfect example of mindset freedom.

What the author supports is the difference between who you are being vs what you are doing. Or better said is what if we did what we did because of who we are or committed to being?

This brings us back to the conversation about why we became an entrepreneur.

Many of us would say it was so we can be our own boss, be in charge of our time, and the classic, to make tons of money.

But ask yourself, what is the real why?

Or as I’ve heard many times “what’s the why that makes you cry?”

For example, my real why for Freedom Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs is because I want to share with other entrepreneurs how to have freedom as a business owner.

To show them, and create with them, that a life outside of work, while having a thriving business is possible.

So I ask you, what’s the real reason that you are doing what you are doing.

If it’s helpful, take a look at your personal life.

If you make regular choices to eat well, it’s because you are committed to being healthy.
If you regularly play an instrument, it’s because you like music and are a musician.

If you write a weekly blog post, (like me) you are a writer.

Okay, that last one was work-related but I trust you get what I’m saying.

Now let’s go back to the original “why’s” about why you became an entrepreneur. The self boss, time, and money ideas.

All of those are about freedom.

You become your own boss, with your own hours to make tons of money all to be….


The problem is…most of us are NOT FREE! We are slaves to ourselves.

Which is “why” I created Freedom Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs.

Yes, it’s a bit self-serving but someone needs to jolt us out of our alternate reality and propose a solution.

And yes, it seems weird to consider taking time from your busy schedule to get more time and freedom.

But as the author James Clear offers AND proves is that if we commit and believe, then take small steps towards our real WHY then we will not only reach our goals, but work towards our commitment.

And isn’t that a better mindset than just doing?

Let us know what is your real why and who you are being to support that why.

Post a comment on the blog or in our Facebook community and let us know your AHA’s.

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  1. Let me take a stab at the ‘WHY’ that makes me cry… All through my work life I observed people at work and among friends who were unhappy or bitter. I do my best to avoid or lessen my exposure to these folks now. The common thread I saw was the blaming of others or circumstances. That led them to this state. The work I do around personality type allows me to help people understand themselves and others so the y can free themselves from such emotional baggage. I love to see the transformation when people allow themselves to be them – and improve relationships. It is very ‘Freeing’.

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