What will you do with your post-pandemic time?


Time has been, and still, is the most precious and the most talked about freedom.

How do we know? Read on as we look at what time might look like post-pandemic.

Never in recent memory has the world been in lockdown and left with a considerable amount of the global population seemingly with lots of time. 

Time we have used for things we never had time for!
For baking, reading, games, crafts, “spring” cleaning, contacting friends via Zoom or Skype, and some of those “when I get some time” projects. I’ve bever seen so many ways to use our time!

But now we are facing a new dilemma…

As the pandemic lessens, we are faced with getting “back to work”.
Time to re-establish some of the old routines and create some new routines. 

Hopefully not allowing our lives to be so full and fast-paced.
Things that will let us hold onto this precious time we’ve learned to appreciate.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are some, me amongst them, that have not STOPPED working.
Being used to location freedom, or in this case working from home, life has been pretty normal and I have used the time to build deeper relationships, create awesome tools for my clients and programs, as well as to stay up late, sleep in, AND have an afternoon nap. 

For example, I’ve taken a look at a huge section of my quarterly publishing work and started to give it away. We are in the process of eliminating, automating, and delegating these tasks. I am surprised at how many things I really don’t need to do, that really don’t need doing, that can be automated, and how easy it is to get help to transition with the great team I have developed over the years. You can read bout them in a recent blog post entitled LastPass and a gal named Kristi.

By the time I’m done, I will have given away 47 quarterly tasks and made room for a lot more quality conversations, work, and …FUN!

I’m already doing some of this and it has become my reminder as to WHY I’m doing all this.

I would like to take a moment to thank our front line workers, our supply chain workers, and all those who did not get “time off” to do what many of us could. 

We love you and are blessed by you and are extremely thankful for your sacrifice and support.

So what will your use of time look like post-pandemic?

  • Will you continue to have those long-distance video chats?
  • Will you continue working on that “when I have time project”?
  • Is it time to continue developing those recently renewed and nurtured relationships?

My plan is to continue developing my business by eliminating, automating and delegating my work and looking for ways to be more creative and…wait for it…to have fun!

Yes, it’s soon time to think about my favorite pastime…travel!

I’ve been dreaming about flying, laying on a beach, reading a fiction book for a change.

Flying to visit friends that we normally would not see for a year and have been seeing biweekly via video chat for a virtual cocktail hour.

I’ve been dreaming of visiting my Mom who has not had a hug from anyone on over 3 months!

So what are you dreaming about?

Is it travel? Hugs? Dinner at a restaurant?

Please share what will be the very first activity you will do once you are allowed to get back to the “new normal what will you guard and protect as a result of your learnings during the pandemic.
Post your answer to these questions here on the blog and in our Facebook community.