Time to bust the next business owner myth ~ I need to know everything!

know everything

As you know from my recent posts, I’m on a myth-busting mission.
Try saying THAT 10 times really fast 🙂

Challenging, and hopefully changing, the thinking patterns of busy entrepreneurs.

It’s interesting how sharing these myths with you makes me up MY game.
By that I mean, I too am not operating without myths.
I too have places where I can improve.
My hope is that you can take some steps to remove your stress, increase your revenue AND profit, and breathe a bit once in a while.

Today’s myth is “I need to know everything”

The pain of spending hours cobbling something together by yourself is insane.


I know because creating everything related to my company and program Freedom Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs” was a HUGE exercise in NOT KNOWING.

We entrepreneurs thrive on being in a constant state of learning.
We enjoy creating, improvising, and pushing boundaries. 

In her bestselling book, Rookie Smarts, author Liz Wiseman asks the question, “Is it possible that we can be at our best when we are underqualified, doing something for the first time?” 

The answer is yes—with the right mindset we can. 

Being new, and even somewhat naïve, can be an asset in today’s rapidly changing world. That’s because succeeding at entrepreneurship requires energy, innovation, and the ability to push yourself outside your comfort zone. 

It’s often not what you know, but how fast you learn that counts.

Let’s get you thinking and hopefully creating some strategies that will help you create more freedom.

The way to grow your business is by opening the doors for others to help you.

You may be asking yourself, how can I do that when I’m just building my business? 

And as I like to say…baby steps. One little step at a time.
One imperfect action after another LOL

I didn’t start and give away my whole business on day one.

But now I’d say more than 50% of my business tasks are done by other people.
People who ARE experts and can do in minutes what it would take me hours. 

Since 50% of my work is now done by other people, that leaves me with not only freedom but time to spend being more strategic about my business.

Time that I can work ON my business rather than IN my business.

And I’m still looking for things to give away so I can work on revenue generation and product delivery.
That’s what I’m really supposed to be doing.

So take a moment and ask yourself, can I afford $50 per month to hire someone to do a regular task for me?

If you answered yes, what is that task?
Start writing the steps or do a video using Zoom or the like of you doing that task.
Then look for someone to do it.

If you answered no, is it no for now, and then when could it be a yes?
Can you really afford to do everything yourself and expect to grow your business?

In either case, I can help.


I guarantee you will not regret it.

And let’s face it, I now have the time LOL

Not only am I offering to help in this one-off situation, but I’m also looking for 2 more (I now have 3 people I am working with to learn what’s “under the hood” of their business) willing business owners to work with to see what’s going on in your business and it is FREE of CHARGE (I will want a testimonial).

This MY marketing plan so I can reach the people I want to work with and learn their challenges fears and frustrations.

Let me interview you and work with you to move the needle of your business at least one inch forward.

Post your answers and comments here on the blog and in our Facebook community.

And if you want to talk to me about how I can move your business, click here to book me for a coffee chat.