There’s no time like now for a positive mindset


It’s definitely a very overwhelming and uncertain time.

And it may be harder than usual to stay positive.

People are stockpiling toilet paper.
Schools are closed.
Borders are closed.
Social distancing is the new norm.

Most of us have never experienced such a time.

We are inundated by the news of this virus all day every day and it can be unsettling especially in light of the uncertainty of when will it be over.

Which is why I decided to write about mindset freedom. One of the 5 freedoms I teach in my new program Free Time Bootcamp concept and program. To help entrepreneurs be wildly successful and enjoy the freedom they seek.

Mindset freedom is sometimes referred to as limiting beliefs, saboteurs, or gremlins. Perhaps it looks like an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Those conversations in your head that are holding you back. It could just be one regular limiting belief that holds you back.

Many of these may be at play here but in this case, I’m referring to the impact of everything on your mind. 

How are you feeling?
What are you feeling?
Are you worrying and if so about what?

Because the current situation is a very big unknown, it is hard to look forward to what will be and what to do about it. We don’t know when it will all be over. Will it get worse or better? 

It’s hard to stay positive when everything around you is not.

What if you just looked at the present. The “what’s so” of today.

What’s so is that you are alive and reading this.
What’s so is that everyone is doing what they can in a rapidly changing landscape.
What’s so is that there are ways to manage your health and well being.

So let’s do some mindset shifting.

What’s true for you RIGHT NOW?

As I said, most of us are not sick. And if you are chances are you will survive as we are starting to see now. You have pretty much everything you need. Despite the conflicting messages of “stay home” and “you can go to the stores as they have enough food/there is nothing wrong with the supply chain” you are safe. Safe to make the choices that will KEEP you safe.

So back to the statement what’s true for you right now?

The truth is we make up stuff in the absence of information. So why not make up stuff that supports you. Hey, this is just as much a message fro me as it is for you.

Some truths and actions that will support you.

Check-in with your community. 

You may not be able or allowed to do it face-to-face but you can pick up the phone and call, use FaceTime, Skype or Zoom and make a free video call. I’ve been working this way for years with people in other cities and countries and it’s great. I even Skype with my Mom almost every day as she lives a few hours away.

Deepen relationships.

Using the same idea as above, reach out and connect with people you haven’s contacted in a while. Remember they too are most likely in shutdown as well.

Help others.

Who out there is worse off than you? Reach out to them somehow. Maybe orde them some food from a local restaurant. Facilitate getting groceries to their door. Call them. Let them know that despite being home alone, they are not alone.

Take care of your mental self.

Stop watching the news. Check-in with friends and family and let them know YOU are okay. Now that you have more time, do those projects you’ve been putting off. Get ready for spring if you’re in the northern hemisphere.

Above do what you need to do to stay positive!

Let us know how you are doing and what you are doing to stay positive.
Post a comment on the blog or in our Facebook community and let us know what you’re taking away from this post.

3 thoughts on “There’s no time like now for a positive mindset”

  1. Hey Garry! Thank you! I am in self-isolating! Did a day trip to New York State Sunday before last. I am an extrovert, and as such, these times can be challenging! I am making a schedule today in order to have more structure – following my daughter’s lead with her and her young family. It is so easy to just watch TV News 24/7 – just so we don’t miss anything new! I work from home a lot in normal times; however, these times seem different. Just the fact that we should stay away from peeps can make it more difficult and confining. I will do some of the following: Purging! Early Spring cleaning condo! Walking outside! Doing creative cooking with what I have in my fridge/pantry! Talking to my grandchildren several times a day through video-chatting! Writing, writing, writing! It’s a great time to be creative and innovative! Stay well Garry!

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