Making time for what REALLY matters

making time for what really matters

In my last post I spoke about my coming out and the 5 types of freedom.

In this post, I’m going to introduce my latest tool for working with the 5 types. Used together you will start to see immediate results and progress in your chosen area(s) of freedom. I know I have!

Ready? Let’s go…

So let’s pick a freedom type. My favorite is time freedom. 

So what is time freedom?

To many, it means not being fully booked all the time. It means being in charge of your time. It means having some breathing room between working sprints. Being in charge of your schedule. Maybe even having some…wait for it…free time!

In my Lifestyle Freedom Planner, I ask the following questions to be pondered. Not actually answer them, just ponder. In coaching, we call this an inquiry.

Here they are…

  • What does time freedom mean to you?
  • What is the biggest time-taker in your life?
  • What would you do with an hour of free time?

The questions I DO ask you to answer are:

  • What are your time-takers?
  • What would life be like without them?

In my life, the most frequent time takers are routine tasks. Things that take me about an hour or so per week or month. Every week or every month. An example is this weekly blog post.

Now let’s introduce my new tool.

Or at least the pieces, as I haven’t come up with a name yet.
(Feel free to comment with possible names)

The pieces are; automate, delegate, eliminate.

In this case, reducing the time to do my blog, I needed to introduce a bit of automation and some delegation. When I first started it took me forever to decide a topic, write it, make it SEO friendly for the Google master lol, post it on the site, email it to our audience, post it on our Facebook page and share it in our group. Phew is right!

Before I go further. A word of warning!!! I see systems. Yes, it’s true. For me, it’s a gift. I see processes and procedures where others see chaos. It’s kind of my superpower. And it’s the reason I offer support through my program “Free Time Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs. Making time for what REALLY matters”.

Anyway…back to the topic of time freedom and how to make it happen.

So the first thing I did was write a procedure on how to write an effective blog. It sounds simple, and it is. Because someday I’ll have other bloggers writing for you and me and they need to know how it works best. But first I needed to learn.

Then I worked on delegation. In order to delegate, I needed to have one place where my team could find that they needed to do their work. So I created a Google Doc spreadsheet that my team could see, where they would find links to the working document, and info regarding the post. Places were created for me and the people supporting me to record when certain things got done such as posting and sharing on Facebook.

A really cool piece of automation is done by my database system. I use WordPress Marketing Engine by Genoo and they have something called a heartbeat sequence. It is scheduled to go look and see if I did a blog this week and if so it emails to my entire list of willing readers.

Pretty cool.

Finally, I test & improve, and share & teach. Test and improve the system and share the procedure and teach my team.

I can’t wait to show you this tool in other areas of freedom.

Let our village know how it’s going for you by posting here or in our Facebook community.