Let’s play the long game!

long game

It’s been over 6 weeks since we received our orders to “stay safe, stay home” otherwise known as “self-isolation” or “shelter-at-home”.

It’s been tough on ALL of us, even me, and as I’ve written before, there’s this little thing called “routine” that is a saving grace. Couple that with “choice” and you’ve gained some “control” (If you want to know more, click here to read about it)

The big thing I’ve learned over the 6-plus weeks of self-isolation is that not only is routine saving my bacon but so is “playing the long game”.

Interestingly when I started thinking about this “long game” thingy, I thought it was a sports analogy (BTW NOT my forte!). Not only does it relate to sports but also to sex, dating, creativity, business strategy, education, and financial planning as I found out in this Huffington Post article.

So what does it mean to “play the long game”?

The Urban Dictionary says the long game is having a long term plan, long term goals, or doing things now that set you up for the future.

And that is exactly what I’ve been doing and what has been saving me from going crazy in self-isolation.

So let’s be clear here. I did not start out at the beginning of the pandemic saying “Hey Gare (I call myself this in private…hey don’t judge!) Hey Gare let’s play the long game so we can survive this thing.” 

Not a chance. I’ve always been a long game kinda guy.

Before my fiscal year-end LAST year I planned the goals and strategy for THIS year’s fiscal year-end. BTW my year-end is June 30. Less pressure and more financial planning freedom than if it were December 31.

Hitting the period of self-isolation and financial concerns just had me work harder at executing the strategy.

And I’m happy to report that last month, at the height of this part of the pandemic, I exceeded my goals in one revenue area of my magazine business. The one I really focused on.


Truly I was thrilled.
I used all of the tools I mentioned earlier.
Routine, control, and choice. 

And of course, I had the long game in my mind the whole time.

You see, for me, the long game is not only about setting my goals and strategy, but it’s also about breaking it down into monthly, weekly, and even daily chunks. 

What you say, it’s like eating an elephant…haha..yes, and let’s stick to one analogy at a time! 🙂

So what does this all look like for you?

  • What project of yours requires a long game approach?
  • Is it a book, a trip (Yes we will be taking trips again), a business, or part of a business like me?
  • How can you break it down into manageable chunks?
  • What will it take to put it in your calendar?
  • Who will you be accountable to?

It’s interesting that when I wrote about “trips” above it reminded me of the ultimate long game approach. It really requires something to think, and mentally get above and, beyond the current circumstances to see a trip.

Please remember that this is not without its challenges.

We are affected by not only our circumstance but those of the people around us and who we contact in our day-to-day efforts.

As long as we do what we can to stay positive and keep our eye on the future, we shall not only survive, we can thrive.

Let us know how and what you are doing to stay positive and keep playing the long game.

Post a comment on the blog or in our Facebook community and let us know your AHA’s.