It’s time we dealt with the next myth of business ownership


As you know from my last post about busting the myth “I have to do it all myself”, I’m on a myth-busting mission. Challenging and hopefully changing the thinking patterns of busy entrepreneurs.

Since posting about “I have to do it all myself”, I’ve upped my game.

I’ve been looking at everything that is coming across my desk and saying “should I be doing this?”

In most cases, other than what I love to do, generate revenue AND pay bills (yes I LOVE to pay bills and it is a form of energy transfer…more about this another time) most is NOT what I should be doing.

After many years of working with my virtual assistant, I have slowly and methodically transferred over 50% of my tasks to her and her company.

It truly has been years!

I’ve known Kristi for probably over 15 years. We worked together for a while and then I ran into a bump (sound familiar) and could not afford it. But we met at a conference a few years back, rekindled our relationship and she’s been learning about my business ever since. I like to say “taking over” as I’d like to rest assured that SOMEONE other than me knows how to run my business.

I’ve long held the belief, the fear perhaps, that what would happen to my business if something happened to me!

This philosophy, idea, strategy, keeps me constantly looking and letting go.

  • What would happen to YOUR business if something happened to YOU?
  • Who would pay your bills?
  • Who would contribute to your family?

I don’t mean to scare you, just out some reality into the conversation.

Well, that was a tangent I was not expecting! 🙂

What I REALLY wanted to talk about was my next favorite myth… 

“I’m not in charge of my schedule”

This is definitely not true.


If you’re having issues with your time management, productivity, or simply your schedule perhaps you are not being honest with yourself. 

You are the only one who controls your time, your schedule, and how you spend your time it is totally up to you. Your schedule is yours and no one else’s.

If you want to grow your business and keep a degree of sanity, you absolutely must take charge of your schedule and be rigorous in how you allocate your time. 

I do this myself. I am absolutely rigorous in protecting my schedule.

At least I was. Now I have a plan for free time vs work time and a system that supports it.

Here’s an interesting factoid. Did you know that almost half of the people I work with do NOT have a all!

My question to them is, if you can’t see what is taking up your time, how can you manage your schedule?

It’s the age-old adage if you don’t know where you’re going how do you know you’re on the right path?

You can’t let your schedule be blown around with the wind and jump from fire to fire.
You need to take charge.

In preparing for this time with you, I came across a very inspirational song by Diana Ross “Do you know where you’re going to”.

I’m going to leave you with is this question to ponder…

Who is in charge of your business?

I’m sure you WANT to say yes, but CAN you say yes?

What would your life be like if you had someone to work with on your business?
What would you give away first?

I’m looking for 4 willing business owners to work with to see what’s going on in your business and FREE of CHARGE (I will want a testimonial).

This is MY marketing so I can reach the people I want to work with.

Let me interview you and work with you to move the needle of your business at least one inch forward.

Post your answers and comments here on the blog and in our Facebook community.

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