It’s time to bust business owner myth #1


In a recent post, I wrote about working hard vs. working smart.
Or as I shared, working hard AND working smart.

Today I’d like to talk about what I call a business owner myth…

…The Myth called… “I have to do it all myself”

But before I move into the myth I’d like to give an update on my Dad.

My Dad worked very hard all his life.

So hard that it affected him physically and he had knee and back issues later in life.
Being a butcher since he was 13, many times he would be carrying 250-pound quarters of meat. That eventually takes a toll on a person.

But the working smart stuff snuck in as well.

My Dad was also a farmer. He learned that in order to manage the farm and complete all of the planting and harvesting he had to do something called “Sharecropping”. 

Sharecropping is when you share what is harvested with another farmer. In my Dad’s case, he did not have all of the farm equipment to plant and harvest the crops.

So he sharecropped with a farmer who did. Usually, with Mr. Forestell, Joe, who was also a mentor to Dad. If there was something Dad needed to know about farming, he most likely called on Mr. Forestall.

Expanding on this conversation and to today’s business owners myths: “I have to do it all myself”, or my version, “If I don’t do it myself, it won’t get done or done right”.

The answer to this myth is…drumroll, please…


We hate to ask for help because we think it makes us look weak.

  • Because we’re proud.
  • Because along the way, our parents and teachers rewarded us for accomplishing amazing things that we did all by ourselves.
  • Because we ended up in a work culture that implies that asking for help is cheating or a sign of weakness.

The truth is…


Do you think the mentors and shining examples of industry built their business by doing it all themselves?

Of course not.

It’s impossible to grow your business without help.
You can’t do it all yourself.
It’s impossible. 

And not only do so many people avoid asking for help, but they’re also not sure how to work with help efficiently once they have it.

This is called delegating.

Delegating takes commitment, planning, training, and followup.

You can’t just find and hire someone and then throw your work at them.
Trust me I’ve been there and done that.

One of my superpowers is systems. 

Since I started as an entrepreneur and learned about these myths, I’ve engaged my superpowers of systems and organization to create processes or procedures to not only do the work, but to teach others to do the work.

Once you’ve taken the time, yes it takes an investment of time and if done well, you’ll never look back.

I’ve been doing this one step at a time for YEARS and am now at a palace where when I see an email that someone else can do, I send it to them, they assign it to someone to complete and VOILA!!! It’s handled.

What would your life be like if you had someone to work with on your business?
What would you give away first?
Tell me a myth of yours!

I’m looking for 4 willing business owners to work with to see what’s going on in your business and FREE of CHARGE (I will want a testimonial).

This is MY marketing so I can reach the people I want to work with.

Let me interview you and work with you to move the needle of your business at least one inch forward.

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