It’s time for you to make more money!


Did the subject line about money catch your eye?

It was totally intentional (of course) and it came up as much of a surprise to me as I’m guessing it was to you.

You see I’m in launch mode. Busy promoting my next Freedom Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs.
Thanks to everyone who downloaded my fabulous tools and for helping me to serve you.

If you didn’t get a chance to access the tools, here are the links.

First up, the… >>> Lifestyle Freedom Assessment <<<

The check out my BRAND NEW “Freedom Making Machine”
…because with a bit of effort, more freedom will be yours.

>>> Click here the download the Freedom Making Machine <<<

Now here’s the big news flash…this time around, I added in segmentation.

For those like me who are new to this concept, it is about when you segment your community based on their interests. Then you craft posts, offers, freebies, the program, etc. to meet the needs of your community.

Watch for the segmentation and notice how things are starting to come to you based on what is currently your most important freedom.

Why am I mentioning this?

Because it truly was very revealing…

And very unexpected.

You see when I started this labor of love back in November of 2018, I was SURE the most important freedom to everyone was TIME! So everything I did was about that one freedom.

After taking many steps forward (really really really a lot of steps) I learned that there were more freedoms that I should be talking about.

One of the other important things I learned along the way was segmentation.

And segmentation helped me realize the most important freedom to my audience….

Tada! And the overriding winner of the segmentation between time, money, and location freedom was…you guessed it…MONEY!

Who knew? Apparently I did not.

So going forward, we will continue to ask about your interests and respond with learnings based on the results.

The upcoming  Freedom Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs will be revised to be more about money and how to get more so you can make time to do what REALLY matters!

Thanks again for being a part of my journey. I welcome you to join us and continue yours.

If you have questions about the Bootcamp, call me at (416) 884-8154 Toronto, Canada, or click here to book me for a Zoom meeting.

Please share what is your most important freedom and join us in the upcoming Bootcamp.
Post your answer to these questions here on the blog and in our Facebook community.