How to Love the Gremlin and Still Have the Freedom


This past week was a tough one.

As we know the life of the entrepreneur is a busy one full of ups and downs, lefts and rights, and most certainly bumps and potholes!

Last week was no exception for me.

There was the excitement in the movement of some of my projects such as the transfer of magazine issue tasks that had my name on them, 56 out of 94 to be exact. Some of them took 10 minutes but most were several hours, that needed me 4 times per year.

And there was the launch of my Freedom Bootcamp!

It was also truly amazing to see all of the pieces of the several business puzzles that I have going working to create excitement, action, and revenue for the businesses.

But there was also disappointment which is why this week I am writing about mindset.

Not everything goes according to plan. And sometimes a whole lot does not go to plan.

In my case, I was humming along, with freedom, creating and executing the Freedom Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs program, and at the same time, my team was supporting me in launching the choice Magazine Affiliate program and subscriber launch.

Now before you say “whoa Garry that was too much all at once” I have to say, my team, mentors, and coaches were all there and we/I decided it could all work.

And it was all working until I stopped.

Stopped asking for help.
Stopped doing the last pieces that needed doing.
Stopped thinking about the bigger picture.

I think the reason I stopped was that I was afraid.
I’m not sure but I think I was still having bouts of “this will erode my hard-earned freedom”.
What if what I had to offer was not what people wanted?

Total mindset block was getting in my way.

There seemed to be an “I’m not good enough” gremlin running the show.
A gremlin is a manifestation of the voice in your head that puts in doubt and if you listen to it it can stop you as it did me.

I’m sure you’ve had those moments where the angel on one shoulder snd the devil on the other are fighting it out as to what you should do.

The bottom line is…you stop.

I stopped.

But I am always thinking, if I had not taken ANY action, I would not know if things work.

Without action, I would not have failed.
Without action, I would not have learned!

As Jeff Walker says in his book “Launch”, he told about his son taking up mountain biking and how his coach had said, “Look beyond the turn”.

In my case, my mindset shift away from my little “pity party” was about remembering to look “beyond the turn” or as Jeff further explains, taking the long view. Something I wrote about recently, The show must go one. Time to play the long game.”

Looking beyond the circumstances and into the future I’ve envisioned.

Now I’m working with my team to see “what went wrong” and to rinse and repeat for the next launch.

If you’re wondering what happened to my “I’m not good enough” gremlin, he is still here keeping an eye on me. You see I LIKE my gremlins (yes I have more than one) because they too are really protecting me, making me take a look and teaching me.

Embrace your gremlins dear friend. They are a gift.

Thanks again for being a part of my journey. I welcome you to share yours.

What is stopping you today?

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