Helping Move and the Lessons Learned Along the Journey


When you read the title you were probably thinking…

  • What was he thinking of helping people move? 
  • Who does that any more? 
  • Is he crazy?”

And you would have been right but not for the reasons you might think.

Let me take you back a bit before we return to the moving story.

It seems like eons ago when I first started on this journey to freedom.
When I first started more than 16 years ago, I think I thought of freedom as a destination.

Over time I’ve learned, it is most certainly not! 

Freedom is a journey. A journey with bumps, some bruises, and loads of lessons to be learned.

Take yesterday for example.

It was a nice sunny Monday where we offered to help our friends move. Nothing wrong with that… EXCEPT…when I got back to my “desk” the next day, I opened up my email inbox to 87 emails, 7 Slack messages, numerous Teamworks items, and a few texts and iMessages!


I fell into the trap that many of my students fall into.
Fear of the return to work after taking some time off.

Turns out I was just like them.

You see I know I should have prepared in advance for such a day, and I know what I needed to do. Letting people know what I was up to, setting an email reminder, having someone check my emails, etc.

The day could have been a huge success…if I had done what I know I needed to do.

I realized too late that I was not free to do that AND I did not set myself up for freedom.

When I teach my Freedom Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs program, these are the struggles we all deal with. Fear of coming back to a boatload of work and regretting the time we took off.

Had I done what I teach, things would have been so much better.
And I am just as human as the rest of my tribe.

So back to the moving story.

The day went well and everything got moved out and in earlier than we had thought.
Because I did do some things along my freedom journey, I WAS able to be there and help out.

It was such a joy to watch them close out one chapter and start a new one.

The best part of it all, the new house has a pool.
Now if they can just get the heater working… 🙂

What has your freedom journey been like?
Do you have the same challenges?
What do you do to prepare for time off?

Please share your answer to these questions here on the blog and in our Facebook community.