Guess what coach? You’re an entrepreneur!


For many, many years I’ve been an entrepreneur. I only lasted in the corporate world for about 8 years until I realized I needed my freedom. So I struck out on my own.

After a few successful, and one unsuccessful business, I heard about and started coach training and then a coaching business. It’s something I’ve been in love with ever since. And since I was an entrepreneur first, so building yet another business was second nature to me. Different only in the content but not what it took to run a successful business. And certainly not without its unique challenges as you can tell from my recent posts.

What I find fascinating is that those who have chosen a new career such as coaching, therapy, consulting, etc. and have left the corporate world, seem to have forgotten that they are still in business. In fact, they ARE the business.

The same rules apply.

Remember when you worked for a company they had sales, marketing, production, HR, accounting, customer service departments. Well, now they are all you and that makes you…


Many a time I’ve been in coach gatherings and met people who said they were coaches but were not aware that they are business owners…entrepreneurs. 

I still remember one coach friend that was stunned at the realization that he was a business owner. It never occurred to him that coaching was the product/service being delivered. I think of that as about 10% of any business. The other 90% is sales, marketing, production, HR, accounting, customer service, etc.

This does not apply to just coaches. It applies to therapists, consultants, speakers, trainers, and so many more solo owned businesses. 

Take a look at your business. Who does the sales, marketing, production, HR, accounting, customer service, etc? If it’s not you and there is no one on your team, who is bringing in the clients? Invoicing them? Handling the bookkeeping?

Then you’re only 10% of a business. 

Now that you have acknowledged you are a business owner, it’s time to get down to the business of business.

What marketing, sales, HR, accounting, etc. work needs to be done, and by whom so that you can just do the coaching you love?

Maybe you need a business coach (contact me!)? Maybe a consultant? Maybe a team?
Regardless, it’s time to take a look at the whole business, not just the service delivery.

It’s one of the reasons I became a business coach and started my new program Free Time Bootcamp concept and program. To help other entrepreneurs be wildly successful and enjoy the freedom they seek.

Any AHA’s? Does any of this sound like you?

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