garry's Full Commentary

is an online and mobile app that enhances the learning experience AND has both “live” and AI coaching. Clients answer a series of “snapshot” questions, coupled with post-learning information, and personal direction, and the system takes over. Daily reminders are sent, and replied to, that keep the client engaged in their personal and professional development.

With PerfectCoaches®, professional coaches complement face-to-face interaction with focused communication between sessions. Using a patented process and the most advanced behavioral change platform in the world, it helps you stand apart as a coach who can make real change happen for your clients.

For both users and coaches, the app gives a new way to communicate as well as a powerful tool to facilitate behavioral change and growth. The process is simple. Clients check in with their coach each day to reinforce progress and track it through the app. There are a number of tools to enable users to direct their own learning, track progress, and streamline communication.

By helping coaches engage on a daily basis with clients and empower behavioral change, PerfectCoaches® helps users gain a deeper understanding of their value as a coach – the kind of insight needed to take their practice to a new level. 

I was a test client for a week and found it to be an easy and supportive tool for me to keep engaged with my goals and my coach. With its newly patented process, the tool will be particularly valuable for coaches who want to focus their clients on specific habits and skills. In a recent issue of choice Magazine, there was an article about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and coaching. Take a look at PerfectCoaches®, which professionally merges both aspects and adds input from real coaches.

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