Garry’s List of Trusted Resources is BACK!

Read all about how to make you, your business, and your life more efficient.

A few years ago I started a listing of resources that helped make my life easier, my work more efficient, and above all help communicate quickly with my team and share our work together. I would not be where I am today without these resources.

Bear with me as I add new resources for you on this new easier-to-use page.

calendly ~ Calendar System
garry's Quick Take: calendly is an amazing scheduling system that integrates meetings with your calendar and allows you to share available meeting times with the use of a link or ‘access.’ I’ve been a user for over a year and I’m very happy with it. Meeting types and lengths are set inside the dashboard. There are enough free …

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Slack ~ Communication Tool
garry's Quick Take: I love Slack. Ever since I decided to separate my emails from our “team-mails” it’s been our best friend. We use it to connect with both team and non-team members. As long as they regularly help with choice Magazine, we add them in so we can easily connect with them. No more endless emails back …

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Zoom ~ Video Conferencing
garry's Quick Take: Zoom is amazing. In an age where so many of us work from home and are alone so often, Zoom allows us to see and be with the other person or group. It’s so true what the testimonial on their website says “I never get asked about how to use Zoom – people just get …

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garry's Quick Take: Have you ever worried about being hacked? I certainly have! In this era of mass computerization and hackers around every corner, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself with strong, encrypted passwords.  But if you’re like me, I was creating passwords I could remember, and I was reusing the same password in many places. …

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garry's Quick Take: PerfectCoaches® is an online and mobile app that enhances the learning experience AND has both “live” and AI coaching. Clients answer a series of “snapshot” questions, coupled with post-learning information, and personal direction, and the system takes over. Daily reminders are sent, and replied to, that keep the client engaged in their personal and professional …

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garry's Quick Take: The Coaching Tools Company is an invaluable resource for Coaches, providing professional, brandable coaching tools and resources.  Growing a coaching business is hard work. There’s a lot to do and learn – time disappears fast. These done-for-you Coaching Tools, Forms and Exercises save you tons of time and energy, boost your confidence and offer concrete …

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