Do you want to overcome the guilt of taking time off work - and actually enjoy your time off?

Do you want to have systems and structures that will give you more free time, more often?

Do you want quick, long-lasting, time-saving hacks to immediately increase your productivity?

Free Time Bootcamp was made just for you.

Free Time Bootcamp, our signature program, is an experience we offer only three times each year. It fills quickly when enrollment opens.

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“Nothing is more important to me than my family. Spending time with them, and also being able to support them financially. Before Free Time Bootcamp, I felt like I was either feeling guilty about not working or feeling guilty about not being with my family. Don’t even think about any time for myself!! With the tips I learned in Bootcamp, I have been able to focus on work at work and family at home. And I even learned how to make time for ME! It may seem counter-intuitive to take the time to take a class to learn how to “make” time … but believe me, it is worth it!

Deb O'Connor
Marketing Consultant and Mom