From Free Time to Freedom. A lesson in taking imperfect action

taking imperfect action

I learned something interesting in a program I was coaching a few years ago.

The leader asked us to always be taking imperfect action.

What is imperfect action?

It’s taking action without any knowledge that it is perfect.
Not waiting until it might be perfect until taking action.

Avoiding analysis paralysis.

If you look back at previous posts you’ll see I’ve been asking you to take imperfect actions.

I’ve been doing them for a long time. I just didn’t call them that back then.

I continue to take imperfect actions each and every day.

This last year is a perfect example of a series of imperfect actions.

Over a year ago when I started taking imperfect actions for my new program Free Time Bootcamp concept and program. 

It was a wild ride of taking many imperfect actions.

Looking back it was a wild ride of intense learning, creating from nothing, learning and setting up technology that a year ago I’d never hear about.

I’d like to pause here and ask you, what are you NOT doing while you wait for the perfect time? Or that the steps are perfect? Or the course is perfect?

Here’s a little secret…IT WILL NEVER BE PERFECT!!

You must remember the times you did something the second time and when you did it it was better. You didn’t know the first time was an imperfect action. You drafted, tested, stressed, and waited until the right time that first time. Looking back it could be seen as an imperfect action despite how much you thought it was perfect.

Here’s the funny thing about taking imperfect action…it’s perfect in its imperfection.

Now you’re probably wondering what I mean by that.

What I mean is that if you did not take ANY action you never would have started nor been where you are today. I certainly know that is true for me and why Free Time Bootcamp was born.

Here’s a little aside about the result of all of these imperfect actions.

As a result of taking imperfect actions, I:

  • Honored my value of freedom
  • Built a program about it
  • Set up a website
  • Started a content marketing strategy that includes this blog
  • Created a Lifestyle Freedom Planner (available here)
  • Started a wonderful Facebook community 
  • Met a lot of wonderful people who not only helped me but I could help
  • AND really loved every part of the journey because I was honoring my vision

But here is the biggest take away of ever from my Freedom Mission project.

Having created the planner led me to realize there were more Freedoms than just one!

In fact, I’ve settled on 5 of them as you can see mentioned in the planner and previous blogs.

That is not the biggest takeaway.

I realized that my imperfect action allowed me to see that I had created a brand around just one freedom whereas now I have 5!!

Now maybe like me, you might be saying “Oh no, there goes all that work” or “Now I have to start over again”.

But I found myself saying, thank goodness, If I had not been taking ALL these imperfect actions I would not have seen the possibility of giving myself and others WAY More freedom.

Back yo you again. Where are you holding back? What are you waiting for? What imperfect action can you be taking?

Post a reply on the blog or in our Facebook community and let us know what you DID take imperfect action on and what you did NOT take imperfect action on and WHEN you WILL take imperfect action.

And now, after sweating over this blog trying to make it perfect, I am posting it. 🙂