Behind the scenes of a well-oiled machine…perhaps!

a well-oiled machine

In a previous post, I told the story about the breakdown of the “machine”.
This week we take a look behind the scenes of this well-oiled machine…sort of.

I’ve come to realize a lot of things lately.

First is that I have a machine with many, many moving pieces. 

More pieces being added all the time.
Technology CAN make it appear like a well-oiled machine.
But it’s only as good as it’s creators and implementors.
However, the more pieces you have, the more complex the system.
AND the more chance of breakdown.

That’s what happened a few weeks back.

That’s the problem with being an entrepreneur that thinks BIG and is always aware of his freedom takers.

Hence why I’m on a freedom mission with these posts and my Free Time Bootcamp program.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who absolutely loves what they are doing and want to create an amazing experience for their tribe. I know I do. Do you? 

Let me know by posting a comment below.

Because of this love and the need to share it and my learnings, I’ve also come to realize…

  • that in just over a year I’ve gone from 2 websites to 5,
  • I’m now running 2 companies vs. one last year,
  • I now have a program called Free Time Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs. Making time for what REALLY matters! that I will run 3 times this year,
  • Add to the mix the NEW goals of a lot more subscribers to choice Magazine and 3 launches of my free Time Bootcamp In 2020.
  • There are almost twice as many people helping “oil” the machine.
  • Or should I say machines?

The bottom line is these creations and efforts need lots of parts and people and can be time freedom takers.

It takes something to think big, realize the effort, observe the time takers, and deal with all of it.

This is why my go-to tool is the one (still no name for it) with eliminate, automate, and delegate as the tools.

In recent weeks as I looked at the time takers, I noticed that there were a lot of regular weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks that I was doing that could be done by others. 

Actually SHOULD be done by others!

An interesting plot twist here.

It took a mindset shift to let go of these tasks. I kept thinking that I was the only one that could do it. But then I realized that I was a great systems guy and I write awesome procedures (right Kristi?). And truly if I can do it, anyone can. I have to give it up if I am to grow.

So I started writing a procedure on how to do the particular task, thought about who I could delegate the task to, then train them and then let it go! Yes, it is a time taker to do all of this but if I did not all of this would take up all of my time.

During the process, I realized that there were many, what I call “make work” steps that could be eliminated or even automated. Because technology changes so quickly there are always new things coming that can make life easier if you just look or ask.

This was another major step in the area of time freedom. 

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many plusses to doing this work.
Plus 1: I’m not doing it thereby giving me free time for what REALLY matters.
Plus 2: Someone other than me knows the task so if anything happens to me, they’ve got my back and the business keeps running.
Plus 3: I get to tell you about it and share the challenges we all face.

Another interesting plot twist. 

The more I let go and give away stuff, the more space and time I have to think and be creative.

So I ask you, what can YOU automate delegate or eliminate

Take the first steps…imperfect actions if you will.

Post something that came to mind when you read this that you can automate, delegate or eliminate. Post it here or in our Facebook community.