Are you working hard or working smart?


My Dad always said, “You’ve got to work hard to get ahead.”
But he also said to be smart, stay in school, get an education.

It didn’t totally resonate as one or the other.
They sound conflicting but I’ve made it work for me.

When I was first working with my coach Jeb Bates, we did something called “The Paper Room” where we literally did our discovery session papering the room.

One of the outcomes of that event was learning that one of my biggest values was…


This video tells the rest of the story.

Dad was right on both counts.
I’ve done my fair share of hard work over the years and it taught me a lot.
Certainly to appreciate those who did the hard work that is ended in the world.
And enough to know that it will not be me.
I’m focussed on the smart working route.

I’ve spent years working to gain freedom from my location and have successfully accomplished that.
When I’m working with my clients one or more of the freedoms I teach about are prevalent.
I’m now doing what I call “BEGIN AGIAN” where I’m working with business owners to see what’s “Under the hood” of their business.

I’m looking for 4 business owner/entrepreneurs that have been in business for at least 3 years and have alt least one person working with/for them.

I’d like to “get under the hood” of your business and see what we can do to grow it.
It’d my time and experience for free in exchange for a video testimonial.

Thanks again for being a part of my journey. I welcome you to share yours.

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