Alice and the Rabbit Hole

shiny object syndrome

Yes, it’s time to talk about “Alice” and shiny object syndrome.

Perhaps you or someone you know is like her. She is much like Alice in Wonderland from the beloved children’s story.

In this story, our Alice is a busy, busy, entrepreneur. She works alone and has built a relatively successful business. Although she has regular work, she still yearns for the day when she gets to say “no” to business. Not really to say no, but the idea of having all the work she can handle is an enticing one full of abundance and joy.

But… not having all the clients she wants, she keeps second-guessing herself and her systems. Signing up for loads of freebies and even some things that cost money. Sometimes LOTS of money. All in the hopes that the next new shiny thing is the answer to getting more clients. 

She is pleased to say how busy she is but hasn’t truly acknowledged that her business is not growing.

Every time she sees another “shiny object” she heads off in that direction, causing her to be distracted and to lose focus on the important parts of her business development. She should be creating a steady stream of clients so that she can focus on working with her clients, not on her business. But the shiny objects are such fun and who knows, it might be THE thing that is the magic answer to getting all those new clients.

Much like Alice in Wonderland, If she keeps going “down the rabbit hole” (following the shiny objects) she will never move forward. She loves working with her clients and wants that to be her main focus. But the shiny objects are just that, SHINY, and cause her to lose direction.

As the rabbit in the story would say “What to do? What to do?”. 

The answer is relatively simple.

When we met and started dissecting this, we saw that “Alice” was doing a great job marketing, converting, and onboarding clients. There were just not enough of them heading into her system or funnel. In reality, she already had the tools and processes in place to get those great clients. She just needed more prospects into her attraction funnel. FYI some of the tools we talked about can be found at my budding resource center, garry’s List

We did some coaching and soon came to realize was that she did NOT need more new shiny things but rather that she needed to attract more people into the already great system that worked so well getting her the clients she’s working with now. So she put a plan in place to attract more leads and made a commitment to NOT change her system regardless of how pretty and shiny the new thing might be. 

The awesome kicker was that while we were coaching we talked about how, when, and where to fulfill her shiny object syndrome needs. After all, she did enjoy the distraction, as most of us do. Turns out Alice is somewhat of a chef and she decided that instead of going down the rabbit hole with business shiny objects, she would redirect those energies into her cooking efforts.

All in all a win-win all around. She gets more clients AND gets to create great meals. We even toyed with the idea of somehow combining her client work with her passion for cooking. 

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