About success, a car, and a freedom


This week I feel like a bit nostalgic and I have been thinking a lot about mindset.
I’ve written a lot about it and teach it in my Freedom Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs.

This is a story from a long time ago but I think it survives the test of time and will seem relevant to this day and time.

A long time ago I built and ran a company.

It was a warehouse-type affair that started with 1,200 square feet, 3 guys, and a dream.

The idea was to provide pick, pack, and ship services to large corporations.
Kind of like an Amazon but for non-resale value marketing materials.
Things you’d see at your bank, or used to see at McDonald’s.

Over the course of 10+ years, we (there were only 2 of us left at the end of the first year. Another story for another day) built the company to require a 36,000 square foot warehouse and about 12 full time and more part-time employees.

It was a hard-working group that created a wonderful success story.

We grew, learned, grew some more and eventually, we sold the company.

It was about that time when this story of mindset really kicks in.

You see when the company was sold, I was asked to stay on as President.

Selling the company allowed me certain luxuries such as a fancy car.

A Mercedes Benz 500SL convertible to be exact.
It was a beautiful car and fun and amazing to drive.

The problem was, that I would not drive it to work.

My thinking was that I did not want to rub MY success into the face of the employees that worked for me.

I couldn’t have been further from the truth!

When I mentioned this to a few key employees who knew and had been asking about the car, they said I HAD to come to work with it.

You see they felt that it was important to let the employees see that I was successful which meant that they were successful and could be confident that they would have secure employment.

I had forgotten as well that I had treated them fairly with a market value wage, profit sharing, stock options, and gifts for the length of service, not to mention parties!

Things that I had given them lo before I had given to myself.

But until that day, I still felt that driving it to work was not the right thing to do.

Crazy right!?

Well after I had done it the staff beamed, asked for rides in the car, picture with the car, and would always be asked me when I would bring it again.

You see there is a mindset of success that should be shared with all.
Not just that you have success, but that success is available to everyone.

I still struggle with sharing success, but I have good mentors, coaches, and friends who remind me that I worked hard for what I have and that I should be proud of it.

That mindset should never be a “set mind” where there is no room for observation and reflection. In fact, it is the opposite. There is always time and room for observation and reflection.

Let us know how you share success and its impacts.

Post a comment on the blog or in our Facebook community and let us know your AHA’s.

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  1. Great observations Garry, I remember when I first met you – you were driving that car into the same parking lot as my little Toyota Echo (we were going to the same meeting) – my thoughts were. Now that guy is successful – I need to hang out with him. I really believe we should not be afraid to show or share our success – it breeds success in others…

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